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Spring 2021 Mailer - Join Us in Caring for Our Elderly Patients!

Lisiate and his wife have been patients of Ravenswood Family Health Network since 2017. Ravenswood physician, Dr. Karim, helps him keep his diabetes and high blood pressure under control. Lisiate is thankful that Dr. Karim takes a holistic approach to his health and does not just treat him as a problem, but as a person.

Elderly Patients (health, covid): Dr. Karim guides Lisiate through his shoulder examIn November 2020, Lisiate experienced pain in his shoulder and was unable to raise his arm to 90 degrees. Dr. Karim referred him to get an x-ray of his shoulder. At Lisiate’s follow-up appointment with Dr. Karim, she presented the x-ray to him, explained what was happening in the image, and diagnosed his pain. Dr. Karim referred him to physical therapy where he was advised to perform physical exercises to address these issues. Lisiate is pleased to have solutions that can help his condition.

Recently, Lisiate learned that given his and his wife’s age group, they were eligible to receive the COVID vaccine. Lisiate was excited when he found out that he and his wife were eligible to receive the COVID vaccine at Ravenswood and made appointments for himself and his wife right away! He said, “I trust the medication [vaccine] to fight against the pandemic.”

Lisiate and his wife were so happy and relieved when they received their first dose of the vaccine. A day before his second dose, he proclaimed, “I am very happy to know I am safe, and tomorrow when I get my second vaccine, I will be even more confident in my health in regards to COVID-19.” Now that Lisiate and his wife are both fully vaccinated for COVID, they can support one another and focus on maintaining their health.

From keeping his diabetes and high blood pressure under control, addressing shoulder pain, to geing vaccinated to protect himself against COVID, Lisiate knows that Ravenwood will always be there for him. Lisiate wants you to know, “Your support is worth it for people like us – elderly and high-risk people!”

THE TIME IS NOW. Join us in providing care for our elderly patients by donating today! Donate Online.

You can read also our PDF version of "Spring 2021 Mailer".

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